International School Of Ministry (ISOM)

ISOM is the world's largest Video Bible School.  Over 12,000 churches in 141 nations are using it to equip their members for ministry.  The ISOM contains 160 + life messages taught by over 60 renowned ministers.  The curriculum is available in over 80 languages. Among the teachers of the ISOM are Dr. Joyce Meyer, Dr. Jack Hayford, Dr. Dick EAstman, Dr. Reinhard Bonnke, and many others.

How is ISOM used?

The International Curriculum is being used to implement a God-given vision for mass training of labourers for Christ to use in His end-time harvest.

When students have successfully completed all of the first five trimesters of the ISOM curriculum, they have achieved 60 credit  units, and may apply for their Associate Degree in Biblical Studies. 

ISOM is currently developing a program entitled "Pathway to Bachelor's Degree".  Their desire is to develop enough quality material to allow students to continue studying to enable them to achieve their Bachlor's Degree in Biblical Studies.  Currently there is a Ministry Module as the first step towards a Bachelor's Degree (Semester 6).  At the present time, they have just completed a module of Dr. A.L. Gill's material.  Future projects include a complete module on Reaching Muslims, plus other powerful modules still in various stages of development.

ISOM partners with Wagner University and Christian Leadership University to provide Associate and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies.

The ISOM Schedule


Trimester 1 (32 hour-long video sessions)

  • Foundations of the Faith - Bayless Conley (Pastor/Cottonwood Christian Center)
  • Supernatural Living - Dr. A.L. Gill (Gill Ministries)

Trimester 2 (32 hour-long video sessions)

  • Power of Prayer - Dr. Dick Eastman (Every Home for Christ)
  • Ministry of Helps - Buddy Bell (Ministry of Helps, International)

Trimester 3 (32 hour-long video sessions)

  • Mobilize to Multiply - Berin Gilfillan (Good Shepherd Ministries, Intl.)
  • Church-Based Training - Dr. Stan DeKoven (Vision International University)
  • Cell Groups - Larry Stockstill (Pastor/Bethany World Prayer Center)
  • Power Evangelism - Dr. Reinhard Bonnke (Christ for all Nations)

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